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 Post subject: Roll of Honour
PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:56 pm 
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1 Squadron RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman S. Kearney 1 Sqn RAF Regiment
Corporal Martin Bonnes 1 Sqn RAF Regiment, SAS, 2001
Senior Aircraftsman Peter Banks 1 Sqn , 3 Wing RAF Regiment 25 April 2007
Senior Aircraftsman Peter McFerran 1 Sqn RAF Regiment 19th July 2007
Senior Aircraftsman Matthew Caulwell 1 Sqn RAF Regiment 19th July 2007
Leading Aircraftsman Martin Beard 1 Sqn RAF Regiment 7th August 2007
Senior Aircraftsman Kinikki "Griff" Griffiths, 1 Sqn RAF Regiment 16th July 2010
Senior Aircraftsman Max Young, 1 Squadron RAF Regiment, 23rd September 2010
Sergeant Paddy Wilson, 1 Squadron RAF Regiment, 8th March 2013

2 Squadron RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman "Tash" Aitken, 2 Squadron RAF Regiment
Dick Hayes, 2 Squadron RAF Regiment
Flight Sergeant Maurice (Geordy) Pattinson, No. II Squadron RAF Regiment, 4th November 1984
Senior Aircraftsman Brian Connell, 2 Squadron RAF Regiment, Ali Al Salem Kuwait September 1998
Dave Shiels, 2 Squadron RAF Regiment, 29th December 2008
Peter Weekes, 2 Squadron RAF Regiment, 8th June 2009
Senior Aircraftsman Luke Southgate, 2 Squadron RAF Regiment, 24th February 2010
Senior Aircraftsman Ryan Tomlin, 2 Squadron RAF Regiment, 13th February 2012
Flight Sergeant Derek Routley, 2 Squadron RAF Regiment, 1st August 2013
Senior Aircraftsman James Bayliss, RAF Regiment, 30th July 2014

3 Squadron RAF Regiment
Corporal Christopher N Strickleton, 3 Sqn RAF Regiment, 4th June 2003
Senior Aircraftsman J. Millar Reid, 1 Sqn RAF Regiment 1st May 1988
Senior Aircraftsman John D Baxter, 1 Sqn RAF Regiment 1st May 1988
Senior Aircraftsman Graham Livingstone, 3 Sqn RAF Regiment 13th April 2008
Senior Aircraftsman Gaz Allen, 3 Sqn RAF Regiment 19th January 2010

15 Squadron RAF Regiment
Flight Sergeant Hyson, 15 Squadron RAF Regiment, 1970's
Leading Aircraftsman Cliffe Brookes, 15 Squadron RAF Regiment, 1968
Sergeant Nick Carter, 15 & 1 Squadron's RAF Regiment, 2003
Sergeant John (Paddy) Kiely, 15 Squadron RAF Regiment, August 6th 2006
Senior Aircraftsman Ray Barlow, 15, 51 and 1 Squadrons, 18th February 2007
Senior Aircraftsman Ken Davis, 15 Squadron, RAF Regiment, 18th May 2007
Senior Aircraftsman Paul Mahoney 15 Squadron RAF Regiment, 4th February 2010
Senior Aircraftsman Norman David Walker, 15 Squadron RAF Regiment, 7th August 2014.

16 Squadron, RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman Danny Hurley, 16 Squadron, 1 Sqn (served 21 Years )
Senior Aircraftsman Ian Shinner, 16 Squadron, RAF Regiment 1st May 1988
Duncan G. Pritchard, 16 Squadron, RAF Regiment, 8th May 2003
Corporal Jim Cornwell, 16 Squadron, RAF Regiment
Flight Sergeant John Geddes, 16 Squadron, RAF Regiment, 5th January 2006 in Malta
Flight Lieutenant John Elwyn Tunnah, 16 Squadron, RAF Regiment, 19th November 2012

19 Squadron, RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman John Rose, RAF Regiment, 1997

27 Squadron RAF Regiment
Leading Aircraftsman Derek Frank Smitten, 27 Squadron RAF Regiment, 26th November 1965
Corporal Andy d'Agair, 27 Squadron RAF Regiment, 1978
Sergeant Colin McDonald, 27 Squadron RAF Regiment 2nd March 2002
Senior Aircraftsman Paul Catchpole, 27 Squadron RAF Regiment, 25th August 2010
Leading Aircraftsman Warren Owen, 27 Squadron RAF Regiment, 26th May 2012

34 Squadron RAF Regiment
Sergeant Anthony Hobbs, 34 Squadron RAF Regiment, 24th July 1973
Ken Prout 2 & 34 Squadrons RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman R. McMenemie, 1 & 34 Squadrons RAF Regiment, 501 TMW, 24th August 2000
Sergeant Simon Dee, 34 Squadron RAF Regiment, September 2009
Senior Aircraftsman Marcin Wojtak, 34 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, October 1st 2009
Senior Aircraftsman Scott Hughes, 34 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, November 5, 2010

37 Squadron RAF Regiment
Sergeant Peter Scott, 34 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, 9th August 1994
Flight Lieutenant Ian Crawley, Royal Air Force Regiment, August 2006
Warrant Officer Dave Wynn, 34 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, 27th March 2011
Corporal Billy Trotter, 34 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, 31st May 2011

51 Squadron RAF Regiment
Corporal Iain Learmonth, 51 & 3 Squadrons RAF Regiment, August 1989
Senior Aircraftsman Sully Sullivan, 51 and 303 Squadrons RAF Regiment, 1989
Senior Aircraftsman Christopher Bridge, 51 Squadron RAF Regiment, 30 Aug 2007

58 Squadron RAF Regiment
Warrant Officer George Fisher, 58 Squadron RAF Regiment

63 Squadron RAF Regiment, (QCS)
Senior Aircraftsman Clive Redman, 63 Squadron RAF Regiment
Sergeant Phil Brand, 63 Squadron
Senior Aircraftsman Alan McQuiston, 63 Squadron RAF Regiment, Shot by IRA, 12th July 1987
Leading Aircraftsman Colin George 63 Squadron RAF Regt (QCS), 27th May 2003
Warrant Officer Andy Manson, 63 Squadron RAF Regiment
Sergeant Roy Blake, 63 Squadron RAF Regiment
Flight Sergeant Paddy McDonald, 63 Squadron RAF Regiment

66 Squadron RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman Peter Salmon, 66 Squadron RAF Regiment, 2003
Leading Aircraftsman Gunner D Elliott, 66 Squadron RAF Regiment, 23rd June 2008

91 Squadron RAF Regiment
Flight Lieutenant D Stebbing. 'A' Flt Cdr, 91 Squadron RAF Regiment (Malaya), KIA Kluang Forrest Reserve 6th June 1952

RAF Regiment Auxilliary
Senior Aircraftsman Christopher Dunsmore, 504 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment, 19th July 2007
Senior Aircraftsman Gary Thompson, Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment, 13th April 2008
Corporal Frank Robert North GM, Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment, 7th August 2008
Senior Aircraftsman Kamrul Hassan, 504 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment, 24th February 2012

RAF Regiment
Group Captain David Bremner, II Sqn & Stn. Cdr. RAF Honington
Warrant Officer Jerry Goscombe, RAF Regiment
Flight Sergeant Andy Reekie, RAF Regiment
Flight Sergeant A.J. (Jimmy) Balcombe, RAF Regiment
Sergeant Vic Houghton, RAF Regiment
Sergeant Duane 'Baz' Barwood, RAF Regiment
Sergeant Patrick J Lopeman, RAF Regiment
Sergeant George Chapman, RAF Regiment
Sergeant John Joseph Langton
Corporal Taylor, 2 ACS Habbaniya
Senior Aircraftsman John Spencer (Taff) Geater, RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman Jack Baggioni, RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman Sid Mason, RAF Regiment
Corporal Paul Cunningham, RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman Hugh McGregor, RAF Regiment
Leading Aircraftsman Ron Finch, RAF Regiment
Leading Aircraftsman James Basil Thompson, RAF Regiment
Leading Aircraftsman Derek Smithen, RAF Regiment
Ralph Walker, RAF Regiment
Bill Walker, RAF Regiment
Tony Newham, RAF Regiment
Edward Herbert Hudson, RAF Regiment
The Reverent Willie Downie RAF Regiment Association
Sergeant Abby Duguid, RAF Regiment
Warrant Officer Dave Bryant, RAF Regiment
Warrant Officer Pete Milnes, RAF Regiment
Sergeant Ricky Schwartz, RAF Regiment
Squadron Leader R N S Brown, RAF Regiment
Flight Sergeant Tony Watkins, RAF Regiment
Flight Lieutenant McWilliams, RAF Regiment
Senior Aircraftsman Harry Gould, RAF Regiment
Sergeant Pete Scott, RAF Regiment, (on Mont Blanc).

Leading Aircraftman R. C. Frewin, 2741 Squadron, (RAFVR), RAF Regiment, 17th October 1942

Leading Aircraftsman Reginald Stratton, 2721 Squadron, (RAFVR), RAF Regiment, November, Classe Fuori, Italy
Corporal Raymond Stanley Palfreyman, 2781 Squadron, (RAFVR), RAF Regiment, October 10th 1944
Corporal Charles Akass, 2757 Squadron, (RAFVR), RAF Regiment, 16th December 1944
Leading Aircraftsman Harold Clotsworthy, (RAFVR), RAF Regiment, 16th December 1944
Leading Aircraftsman William Hedley, (RAFVR), RAF Regiment, 16th December 1944
Leading Aircraftsman Leonard Wilkins, (RAFVR), RAF Regiment, 16th December 1944

Leading Aircraftsman Wilfred Holbrook, 2739 Squadron RAF Regiment, 11th June 1946 RAF Medan, Sumatra
Leading Aircraftsman Norman Parker, 2739 Squadron RAF Regiment, 11th June 1946 RAF Medan, Sumatra

Air Commodore C J Luce, DSO, RAF Regiment, 21st October 1963

Anthony John, (Tony), Hancock, RAF Regiment, (Comedian)

Senior Aircraftsman Colin Egan, RAF Regiment, 27th August 1976

Senior Aircraftsman Graham Daniels, RAF Regiment

Warrant Officer Ken Slater, RAF Regiment, 1994
Corporal Gordon Egan, RAF Regiment, 11th August 1994

Wing Commander Norman A. MARTIN. O.B.E. RAF Regiment, 4th February 1997

Jim Gormley, RAF Regiment, WWII Veteran

Flight Sergeant Billy Chapman, Regular and Auxiliary RAF Regiment 13 March 2004
Warrant Officer Danny Gourd, RAF Regiment, October 2004

Warrant Officer Paul Barnes, RAF Regiment, 6th March 2006
Squadron Leader Michael Casano MC, RAF Regiment Founder Member, July 2006
Norman Wildbore, RAF Regiment, 4th August 2006
Ken Hawkins, RAF Regiment, 14th December 2006

L.A.C Brian Patchett 3517068, RAF Regiment, 23rd February 2007
Warrant Officer John Joseph Kavanagh, RAF Regiment, 6th March 2007
Flight Lieutenant W L Aucutt, RAF Regiment, 7th November 2007
Sergeant Thomas Graham, RAF Regiment, 30th November 2007
Fred Meadows, RAF Regiment, 7th December 2007
John Cronin, RAF Regiment, 23rd December 2007
Jack, (Francis John), Luxton, RAF Regiment, 27th December 2007

Warrant Officer Godfrey MacDonald Turney, RAF Regiment, 2008
Flight Sergeant (and RAF Warrant Officer) Andrew Dennis Curle, RAF Regiment, 2008
Thomas Bond, RAF Regiment, 7th January 2008
Bertram Arthur (Jimmy) James, MC, RAF Regiment, 18th January 2008
Squadron Leader Michael Broad, RAF Regiment, 20th January 2008
Sergeant Vic Houghton, RAF Regiment, 15th February 2008
Senior Aircraftsman Stuart Gray, RAF Regiment, 16th February 2008
Leading Aircraftsman Horace Leslie Holmes (Les), RAF Regiment, 23rd February 2008
Senior Aircraftsman Rabbi Burns, RAF Regiment, 29th February 2008
Roy Passey, RAF Regiment, 20th March 2008
WaLieutenanter Oliver, RAF Regiment, 27th March 2008
Sergeant Albert Warrant Officerrton, RAF Regiment, 10th April 2008
Senior Aircraftsman Gordon Anthony Turner, RAF Regiment, 13th April 2008
Wing Commander John David O'Dwyer-Russell OBE, RAF Regiment, 26th April 2008
James Shaw, RAF Regiment, 13th May 2008
Flight Sergeant Norman Phillip Gerrish MM, RAF Regiment, 1st June 2008
Sergeant James Warrington, RAF Regiment, 16th June 2008
Trevor Norton Randall, RAF Regiment, 16th June 2008
Squadron Leader Ken Chapman, RAF Regiment, 29th June 2008
Gordon William Pocock, RAF Regiment, 11th July 2008
John Street, 15 and 26 Squadrons RAF Regiment, 25th July 2008
Flying Officer Franklin Crocker, RAF Regiment, 27th July 2008
Donald Pocock Air Vice-Marshal One of the founder members of the RAF Regiment 30 July 2008
Douglas Fawcett, RAF Regiment, 16th August 2008
Corporal Arthur Greathead, RAF Regiment, 16th August 2008
Corporal Len Hooker, RAF Regiment, 4th September 2008
Flying Officer Harold Warburton, RAF Regiment, 9th September 2008
William Clarke, RAF Regiment, 16th September 2008
Corporal Edward Duggan, RAF Regiment, 28th September 2008
Corporal Harry (Henry) Frisby, RAF Regiment, 30th September 2008
Sergeant Henry (Harry) Seymour Hudspith, RAF Regiment, October 2008
Flight Sergeant Norman (Bud) Abbott, RAF Regiment, 3rd October 2008
Eric Armitage, RAF Regiment, 3rd October 2008
Group Captain Kingsley M Oliver, RAF Regment, 5th October 2008
Flight Lieutenant Dennis George Vince, RAF Regiment, 18th October 2008
Squadron Leader J H Thacker, RAF Regiment, 30th October 2008
Roy Taylor, 1, II & QCS, November 2008
Warrant Officer Patrick Joseph 'Olly' Allsop BEM, RAF Regiment, 10th November 2008
George Day, RAF Regiment, 10th November 2008
Corporal Derek Woodfield, RAF Regiment, 14th November 2008
Leonard George Lake-Bullen MM, RAF Regiment, 26th November 2008
William Halligan, RAF Regiment, 28th November 2008
William Halligan, RAF Regiment, 28th November 2008
Sergeant Norman Leslie Hunt, RAF Regiment, 13th December 2008
George Wardle, RAF Regiment, 18th December 2008
Leading Aircraftsman Gunner Charles Barter Dodd (Bart), RAF Regiment, 28th December 2008
Leading Aircraftsman William (Bill) Brown, RAF Regiment, 29th December 2008
Leading Aircraftsman Harold J Creber, RAF Regiment, 30th December 2008

Senior Aircraftsman David Mogford, RAF Regiment, January 2009
Alan Robson, (WWII Veteran), RAF Regiment, 6th January 2009
Leading Aircraftsman Edmund (Ed) Stocks, RAF Regiment, 6th January 2009
Harold Thomas Baker, RAF Regiment, 6th January 2009
Corporal Francis Gordon Charles Hedges, RAF Regiment, 7th January 2009
Corporal Sidney (Sid) Edmund Parry, RAF Regiment, 17th January 2009
Senior Aircraftsman Samual Bunch, RAF Regiment, 22nd January 2009
Senior Aircraftsman Robert John Rowlands, (104 (LAA) and 24 (LAA) Squadrons RAF Regiment), 23rd January 2009
Senior Aircraftsman Robert John Rowlands, RAF Regiment, 23rd January 2009
Senior Aircraftsman David Alan Jones, RAF Regiment, 23rd January 2009
Flight Lieutenant and Lieutenant Colonel TA William Albert (Bill) Weightman , RAF Regiment, 29th January 2009
Joesph E Smith, RAF Regiment, 12th February 2009
Hubert Lionel Warrant Officerod, RAF Regiment, 26th February 2009
Senior Aircraftsman John Frederick Mott, RAF Regiment, 13th March 2009
Warrant Officer Phil Marcer, RAF Regiment, 18th March 2009
Sergeant Norman George Moir, RAF Regiment, 21st March 2009
Senior Aircraftsman Roy Longbottom Earle, RAF Regiment, 21st March 2009
Albert William Gordon UnderWarrant Officerod, RAF Regiment, 22nd April 2009
Evan John Cornes, RAF Regiment 1954-1958, 19th March 2009
Sergeant Reginald Skinner, RAF Regiment, 26th March 2009
Leading Aircraftsman Frederick Dixon, RAF Regiment, 4th April 2009
Senior Aircraftsman James T Simpson, RAF Regiment, 4th May 2009
Paul Richardson, RAF Regiment, 7th May 2009
Warrant Officer John Joseph Duffy, RAF Regiment, 31st May 2009
Flight Sergeant Pete Weekes, RAF Regiment, June 8th 2009
Corporal Frederick (Fred) Ringham, RAF Regiment, 11th June 2009
Corporal Kenneth John Langley, RAF Regiment, 12th July 2009
William (Bill) Malloy, RAF Regiment, 15th July 2009
Dick Emery, RAF Regiment, 9th August 2009
Airman Vic Morte, No. 2 ACC, 19th August 2009
Group Captain Peter Hutchins OBE, RAF Regiment, 24th August 2009
Corporal Denis Ward, RAF Regiment, 5th September 2009
Leading Aircraftsman Gunner Sid Charman, RAF Regiment, 17th Sepember 2009
Corporal George Thomas Stout, RAF Regiment, 21st September 2009
Senior Aircraftsman James Trevor Desforges, RAF Regiment, 22nd September 2009
Flight Sergeant John (Geordie) Auld, RAF Regiment, 25th September 2009

Squadron Leader Jake Edwards, RAF Regiment
Jeremy Bruce Hails, RAF Regiment, March 13th 2010
Neville Meade, RAF regiment, March 13th 2010
Flight Sergeant Alan Dobson, RAF Regiment, April 5th 2010
Air Commodore Ian W P McNeil, RAF Regiment (Retd), April 6th 2010
Jimmy Grant, RAF Regiment, 16th April 2010
David Taylor, RAF Regiment, 27th May 2010
Chris Bradshaw, RAF Regiment, 1st September 2010
Flight Sergeant John Whittingham, RAF Regiment, 17th September 2010
Anthony, (Chalkie), White, RAF Regiment, 18th October 2010
Wing Commander Randle Manwaring, 31st December 2010
Senior Aircraftsman Jimmy Phillips, RAF Regiment, [Date Unknown]

Sergeant Thomas Wilson, founder member RAF Regiment, 16th February 2011
Bill Billingham, RAF Regiment, [Date Unknown]
Warrant Officer Harry Hathaway BEM, RAF Regiment, 4th April 2011
Leading Aircraftsman Robert (Bob) Goldsmith, 35 and 63 Squadrons RAF Regiment, 14th May 2011
Flight Sergeant Alex Fraser, RAF Regiment, 1st June 2011
Wing Commander Martin Parker, RAF Regiment, July 2011
Wing Commander Gerry Wilson MC, RAF Regiment, 24th August 2011
Sergeant Roy 'Taff' Jones, RAF Regiment, September 2011
Wing Commander David Sharples, RAF Regiment, 3rd October 2011
Senior Aircraftsman Rick Treadwell, (aka Chown), RAF Regiment, 30th November 2011
Sergeant John W Bush, RAF Regiment, died on 11th December 2011
Sergeant Gerry Germain, RAF Regiment, 21st December 2011
Senior Aircraftsman Alistair George, (Taff), Davies, RAF Regiment, 2011

Warrant Officer Derek Heald, RAF Regiment, January 2012
Sergeant Roy Whitehouse, RAF Regiment Founder Member, 27th January 2012
Wing Commander Bill Foulsham MC, OBE, No. 2 Armoured Car Company, February 15 2012
Squadron Leader Godfrey (known as Geoffrey) Hoddinott, RAF Regiment, 26th February 2012
Warrant Officer John Buckle, RAF Regiment, March 2012
Flight Sergeant John Fredericks, RAF Regiment, 26th March 2012
Dennis Cherry, RAF Regiment, 5th April 2012
Corporal Warren Williams, RAF Regiment, 11th April 2012
Gunner G P (Mick) Gregory, RAF Regiment, 12th April 2012
Sergeant Hector Mackenzie, RAF Regiment, 13th April 2012. Founder Member
Warrant Officer Tommy "Doc" Haliday, RAF Regiment, 14th April 2012
Gwilym (Bill) Davies, RAF Regiment, Died 20th April 2012
Leading Aircraftsman Frederick Stegall, RAF Regiment, 21st April 2012. Founder Member.
Leading Aircraftsman John W Love. RAF Regiment, 24th April 2012
Warrant Officer Bill Ogilvie, RAF Regiment, 16th May 2012
Flight Sergeant Ernest F Swift, RAF Regiment, 31st May 2012. Founder Member.
Leading Aircraftsman George Croucher, RAF Regiment, 6th June 2012
Squadron Leader Paul Haynes, RAF Regiment, 8th June 2012.
Leading Aircraftsman Stanley Yates, RAF Regiment, 18th June 2012. Founder Member.
Warrant Officer T (Ralph) Proffitt, RAF Regiment, 20th June 2012
Flight Lieutenant Alistair (Al) Gilchrist, RAF Regiment, 8th July 2012
Flight Lieutenant Ken Smith, RAF Regiment, 4th August 2012
Wing Commander Charles F Price, 13th August 2012
Corporal Desmond Denny, RAF Regiment, 14th August 2012
Corporal James Paterson, RAF Regiment, 31st August 2012
Corporal George A Corbitt. RAG Regiment, 2nd September 2012
Sergeant Paul Stockton, RAF Regiment, 18th September 2012
Senior Aircraftsman Curtis McDonald, RAF Regiment, 13th December 2012


Warrant Officer Kevin Hartigan, RAF Regiment, 18th January 2013
Wing Commander Pat Lee, RAF Regiment, 28th February 2013
Group Captain Mark Hobden, Founder Member, RAF Regiment, 7th April 2013
Corporal Arthur Charles Wisher, RAF Regiment, 9th April 2013
Flight Sergeant Pete Darbyshire, RAF Regiment, 4th August 2013
Warrant Officer Tom Hamilton, RAF Regiment 18th October 2013
Squadron Leader Tony Iveson, RAuxAF Regiment, 5th November 2013
Air Commodore Adrian McGuire, Director, RAF Regiment, November 19th 2013


Flight Lieutenant Mark De Salis, RAF Regiment, 4th January 2014
Senior Aircraftsman Jeff Stevenson, RAF Regiment, 20th February 2014
Flight Sergeant Desmond Houlton, RAF Regiment, 21st March 2014
Sergeant Peter R Goldsmith, RAF Regiment, 1 June 2014
Sergeant John W Galloway, RAF Regiment, 16th June 2014
Flying Officer Anthony Patrick Keogh, RAF Regiment, 29 June 2014
Gunner Albert William (Bert) Salisbury BEM, RAF Regiment, 12 July 2014
Leading Aircraftsman Gordon Derek Conway, RAF Regiment, 13 July 2014
Sergeant Peter Wildman, RAF Regiment, 17th July 2014
Flight Sergeant Alan O’Neill, RAF Regiment, 31st July 2014
Corporal David Frampton, RAF Regiment, 20th August 2014
Flight Sergeant Edgar R (Ed) Churchman, RAF Regiment, 27 August 2014
Squadron Leader J E (Jake) McLoughlin, MBE, BEM, RAF Regiment, 15 September 2014
Senior Aircraftsman Bryan H Herdman, RAF Regiment, 20 September 2014
Raymond S Woolven, RAF Regiment, 25 September 2014
Squadron Leader William (Bill) Fell, RAF Regiment, 24 October 2014
Corporal Arthur Peter, (Pete), Richardson, RAF Regiment, 2014
Corporal Dennis Alan Britt, (Founder Member), RAF Regiment, 23rd December 2014


Wing Commander Patrick M C (Mike) Welply, RAF Regiment, 15th February 2015


Warrant Officer Mel Bonfield, RAF Regiment, April 7th 2016
Senior Aircraftsman Geoff Bladon, RAF Regiment, June 1st 2016
Sergeant Robin Flack, RAF Regiment, July 2016


Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Terry, GCB, AFC, RAF Regiment, 19th December 2017


Warrant Officer Pascal Barkey, RAF Regiment, 6th February 2018
Flight Lieutenant Derek A Murkin BEM, RAF Regiment, 7th February 2018
Corporal Thomas (Tom) Feeney, RAF Regiment, 4th April 2018
Warrant Officer John Michael (Ginge) Roffey MBE, RAF Regiment, 5th April 2018


Flight Lieutenant Ian Worthington, RAF Regiment, 5th September 2019


Flight Sergeant Rick Chapman, RAF Regiment, 8th February 2020

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